The Protests Map Part V – Angular Material Components

The following post is the last post of the protests map series, the previous posts in this series were: Next, we will implement our layout using the Angular Material library. Angular Material is a library built and maintained by the Angular team, it provides common UI components and tools that help you customize your own […]

The Protests Map Part IV – User Module with Firebase Authentication

In the previous posts of this series, we had the software architecture post, the lower-level design post and the observable streaming post. The following post is an implementation of the Firebase authentication service, using the Angular official API – @angular/fire. Auth Factory Class Same as we did with the Firestore service, we will extract the […]

RxJS Observables and Behavior Subjects Streaming

Angular makes a wide use of the reactive programming library RxJS. This post implements RxJS behavior subjects and observables for monitoring real time updates.

Specifying App Modules and Their Responsibilities

Lower-level details of individual modules of an Angular & Firebase application integrated with Google Maps and Firebase Auth APIs.

The Protests Map Part I – Background And Architecture

Intoduction post for design and implementation of an Angular app integrated with Google Maps and uses Firestore as database, and Firebase as backend.