Stop Spinning My Words! Codewars Solution

Write a function that takes in a string of one or more words, and returns the same string, but with all five or more letter words reversed.

The maximum sum value of ranges — Ultimate version – Codewars

Have you solved the simple version and the challenge version? The difference between this version and the challenge version is

The Binary Indexed Tree/Fenwick Tree

arrays operations are normally done at a linear time – 0(n). While in most casses is good enough, sometimes it can become very costly.

String Incrementer Codewars Kata Solution

Your job is to write a function which increments string, to create a new string. The solutions runing at linear time, but the optimized one is space efficient.

Maximum Subarray Sum Codewars Solution

The maximum sum subarray problem consists in finding the maximum sum of a contiguous subsequence in an array or list of integers

Growth of a Population Codewars’ Kata

How many years does the town need to see its population greater or equal to p = 1200 inhabitants?

isUnique? Determine if a string has all unique characters

Implement an algorithm to determine if a string has all unique characters. What if you cannot use additional data structures?

Find All Short String Permutations in a Longer String

Given a short string A and a longer string B. Find all permutations of A that occur on B. Assuming that both strings contain only ASCII characters.

Number of People in the Bus – Codewars’ Kata

There is a bus moving in the city, and it takes and drop some people in each bus stop. You are provided with a list (or array) of integer pairs. Elements of each pair represent number of people get into bus (The first item) and number of people get off the bus (The second item) […]

Get the Middle Character – CodeWars’ Kata

You are going to be given a word. Your job is to return the middle character of the word. If the word’s length is odd, return the middle character. If the word’s length is even, return the middle 2 characters. Codewars Pseudocode Kotlin Implementation


Mastering the Big O Notation

Understanding algorithms is essential for making good decisions about which algorithms to use and how to make new algorithms that are correct and efficient.